Monday, October 29, 2007

Looooooooooong update:)

Soooo I've been wanting to update you all but man, I haven't had a second to even sit and do it. Well last week was our "moving" week. We were moving into a townhome to rent temporarily and so the day of moving, my husband saw this guy standing out next door staring at us. Jake really always is very cautious about other people and a good discernment. So we got home after moving our couch in to our new place and Jake had me look up the sexual offenders in that area and what pops up first.... yep... that guy. He is a child rapist.. I was in shock. I can't even imagine living next door to someone that has done such a thing and can easily re-offend again. So we were mid moving while we had people helping us and we had to call and get another storage unit and store everything in it and temporarily move to my mom's until we find another place. In the midst of this all... I back out into the storage pod that was in our driveway and scrape up and dent the heck out of my car... and on top of that, we find out that it was in our contract that we were supposed to leave our front room living room set. I didn't realize this.. so I am pretty bummed about it. So now here we are living at my parents.. I have like 4 outfits and same with Isaiah... everything we own is in two different storage sheds and have NO idea where anything specific is... Sooo it's been eventful to say the least.
Today we are going to our ultrasound appointment and hope everything is okay with this little angel!
Anyway, I'll keep ya'll posted:)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How can you love someone this much?

My friends and I went to the Scarecrow Festival last week and had a good time. My little guy is still such a scardy cat right now, so we can't enjoy "everything" yet.. but I look at these pictures and then think.. is it possible to love someone SO much? I never thought it would be like this..

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

We're having a baby girl!!!

Last week we went to Fetal Fotos and found out it is a baby girl. We are so excited to have her! We are so blessed. When the lady doing the ultrasound told Isaiah he was going to have a baby sister he looked at her with the most confused face and said, "WHY?" I haven't been that naturally high for a long time. It was nice to see what has been cooking inside while I've felt so crummy. Jake said she is already a diva. She has this attitude like.. I'm SO over this already, get me outta here. She was trying so hard to get comfortable while we were watching her.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Monday, October 1, 2007

Here are a few more that should have went with that batch!!

New Family Pictures

We took pictures with Jake's family (my in-laws) a while back and we just received them. I will post a few- tell me what you think!