Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So who's birthday was it recently?? Our beautiful little London. She is one of the lights in our family. She really completes it (for now anyway). She does cause mama some grief though.. she has one of the WORST tempers I have ever seen for a little girl of this age. Most people look at her and think of her as the most soft and sweet child- which she can be that too. But I am dealing with a little jekyll & hyde here. NO JOKE. So on to the terrible two's..
We had her a Puppy Party.. we had two little puppies there and they both were named Bella, and not by choice. It just happened that way. She loves doggies. Then we had a surprise visit by Cinderella herself! She was so excited and so was all the kids that attended (and I think even parents were but they would never admit that). It was a lot of fun. Happy Birthday londs! (oh and she found a way to sneak her fingers into her own cake before the party, if you can't tell at the bottom of the page)..

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bow lady

I wonder what her mom does all day?

Monday, March 1, 2010


Well this is now my 3rd week with sick kids.. and I think I am finally getting it down. So this will go around my waist..
The rest of these items will be in my "sick kids mommy pack":
Kleenex, anti viral (love this)

So for you mom's out there that have ever had sick kids before (as if there is some kids out there that are completely 110% healthy :) ) wouldn't this make your life so much easier???