Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Long weekends go way too fast!

Our weekend started out very spontaneous. I decided to stop by a Larry H Miller car sale on Friday and I ended up trading in my Rodeo for a 2003 Honda Civic. I was adamant on doing so because I felt like I was filling up my gas every 4 days and it costs so much! So our payment is higher than it was but I figured we would be saving money in all with the whole gas situation. Saturday my family had a golf tournament up in Preston Idaho -then we came back home and had some friends over for a bbq. We went to church on Sunday and attended all of our meetings and Isaiah was a terror.. wow, was I worn out by the end of the meetings. We then had ANOTHER bbq over at Jake's grandparents house which was nice and then we had some family over for the movie Freedom Writer's. If any of you haven't seen this, I highly suggest it. It is very inspirational.
Monday we went back up to Idaho and had a family reunion up there...
I got called to Young Women's as the sports coach. If any of you know me, you probably are laughing while reading this. Now I have a practice with the girls I don't even know yet on Wednesday and a game on Thursday.. Jake made me pull up the rules on the Internet and print them out.. ha ha! This will be very entertaining!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Family photo shoot!

We were lucky enough to be asked to get photographed by 6 different photographers. They have a group that gets together and does the photo shoot. So this is just a few of many pictures to go through... I am excited to have these blown up and put in our home :)


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Family golf day

We were lucky enough to have Jake home for Family Home Evening on Monday night. This is the first time in months! We decided to be courageous and take Isaiah out golfing on a real golf course to enjoy the weather. We had a blast. Jake got to practice while I enjoyed watching and playing with Isaiah. Isaiah had so much fun trying to find the golf balls everywhere. When I asked him to be quiet, he would be quiet and whisper. Isaiah really looked up to his daddy watching him play and I think Jake was having fun showing his son his favorite hobby and sharing it with him. Afterwards we ended the night with a few sundaes from Baskin Robbins :) Hmmm yummy.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My puppy dog :)

Isaiah had one of his first birthday parties to attend this past weekend. He had so much fun. He got his face painted like a puppy, participated in the games, played with his cousins and the clown, and ate some food. It was so fun to watch him interact with other kids. He is getting so big. How can you love someone THIS much? Everyday I think, there is no way I could love him anymore and the next day, I do. I get excited to play with him and talk to him every day. He makes me laugh EVERY SINGLE day. What a blessing!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Friend's Baby Shower

This past weekend we had a baby shower for Jen. It was a lot of fun and nice to see everyone. I won the contest (I was determined to win) of the baby food testing and knowing what it was.. I about threw up, but HEY I WON. ha. There was a lot of yummy food we made. It was too bad that it rained but we made it a fun day. I hope Jen enjoyed it. I can't wait for baby Nixen to come out and play...Don't those strawberries look heavenly? (oh and don't make fun of my awesome face I made while getting a picture taken and doing make up for my friend... I also won ugliest face of the year :) )

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

update oh and Dancing with the Stars...

I am like a new person... on prescriptions but at least feeling normal again. It was hard for me to give in to them but I am glad I did. Now I just worry about being "stuck" on them. But for now I just want to relax for a bit :)

I've been watching Dancing With The Stars and I listened to an interview with Ian Ziering today and he is 43 years old!!! Dang... he looks really good and I love to watch him dance. I also get sad watching everyone dance because I danced my whole life so I have this passion for it and I don't get to fulfill it! I would love to be out there dancing..