Thursday, February 26, 2009

Unlimited ribbon.

So my sister and I were in the middle of packing and talking "bows" and then I realized London had been quiet a long time, which we all know that means they are into no good. How cute is this? She is all girl.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Proud new home owners!

We closed today!~

Sunday, February 22, 2009

One very pink eye and more randomness

This is my beautiful baby girl's curly hair!! I never knew until just recentely. Look how cute it is!
This next picture is very very precious to me. When I had Isaiah, all I wanted was for him to lay on me and fall asleep. This weekend London decided to start doing that to me all the time. She wants to lay down on me. It is the sweetest thing in the world and I told Jake... this is what being a mom is all about and it makes me feel so proud and loved.

And for the gross part- yet, very painful part... is my awesome PINK EYE, this picture was taken a few days ago.

And now this is my eye today... ya I don't think it's gotten much better. I am really in so much pain. So anyway.. this post was random, however it gives you an idea what went on around here...... a lot of nothing!! Oh and no.. Jake didn't beat me up..:)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Talented fam..

I was lucky enough to watch my sister's sing at a small little get together last week. I haven't had the chance to see them sing in a long time. They have always been very talented and really sing amazing together. Also, Jacque's daugther is singing in one of the clips.. what a beautiful voice at a young age. I took these small clips with my phone, so the sound is probably horrible, so don't turn your volume up too loud. They were just born with amazing voices, something I DO NOT HAVE:)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bad day

This is when you can tell we have had a very bad day at our house...

*WARNING, pictures may give you nightmares*




Sunday, February 15, 2009

V-day/Snow day

Alright.. well yesterday was not my favorite weather, however we made the best of it at our house. Jake and Isaiah got all bundled up and went to grandma and grandpa Martin's to shovel. Then they went over to help Dwight and Liz.. then they come home and made a snowman. I am not a huge snow person so I just did the occasional picture with no shoes or socks on- and then ran back in the house. I decided to make them lunch and I tried so hard to make it "Valentiney" so I took a picture of it before they ate (ps we don't have a kitchen table right now). Don't laugh at my incredibly terrible heart sandwiches, hey I tried!
Jake and I had plans to go to Tepanyaki, which is my favorite restaurant. I was sooo looking forward to it. I called and they weren't accepting reservations. So we just took our chances. Ya, 3 hour wait! So we started thinking up just about everything.. ya all booked. So we ended up driving back to Bountiful and went to Texas Roadhouse and that was a 3 hour wait as well! So I watch Jake go and grab two handfuls of peanuts and walk out. So we ate peanuts as we walked in the snow to Pei Wei. It was classic. Guess we learned our lesson for next year:)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The romantic.

Six years ago today it really all began.. Jake and I were just barely starting to date. I was at work when I was told I had someone for me at the front desk. I remember walking up there looking at some guy that looked familiar, dressed up in a cupids outfit. He was half naked with funny looking ears and wings. He handed me 2 dozen roses and a card, and left. Come to find out, it was Matt Oman, Jake's friend that we went to high school with. After work I was driving home and as I pulled up to the driveway there were flower petals sprinkled from where I parked all the way in the house, down the stairs, to my bedroom to a note and a videotape. I was supposed to put the videotape in and play it. I started watching it and it was Jake and his cousin April driving around Centerville - where Jake and I had all of our first memories when we were in 9th grade. He had the video camera as he walked in Centerville Jr High where we first met and showed where we lockered, then to Ben Devoe's house where he first kissed me ... then went to his old house where I used to sneak out of Megan's house to go to his house in the night:) he he. Yes I was only 14. Then it showed him preparing "Cupid" to come to my work and preparing the flower petals at my house and then it showed him at a movie theater asking me to meet him there by a certain time. Boy, Jake definitely knows how to be a romantic. I still have that videotape somewhere and I can't wait to find it and watch it again... now we have 2 kids and actually STILL married through everything:)
I love you Jake.. thanks for making Valentine's always a special day. I'm excited for us to go to our favorite place to eat tonight.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

25 Fact About Me..

  1. I snuck out of the house when I was in Jr. High- just to meet a few friends to sit on my own porch - and we ate leftover steak.
  2. I was the baby in my family and my closest sibling in age is 16 years older than me. I definitely manipulated everyone in my family from my parents to my sisters to get my way:)
  3. I became a germ-a-phobic the minute I delivered my son.
  4. I love to pick and tweeze.. If I start I won't stop. Jake has to literally pull me away.
  5. I was one of those kids that cried if they didn't do well when bowling.. just bowling.
  6. Fascinated with technology.
  7. Collect greeting cards. I could look around in a Hallmark Store forever.
  8. My kids have made me bipolar.
  9. Jake and I have some of our most important conversations in the shower.
  10. I have absolutely no concept of my life timeline. Have no clue how old I was when certain things occurred in my life. I can remember details of many memories - but have no idea if I was 3 or 19.
  11. HATE goodbyes.
  12. LOVE Einsteins.
  13. In order to relax at night before a movie or tv time, I have to do my nightly routine of washing my face, brushing my teeth, putting lotion on, and chapstick! Drives Jake nuts.
  14. I've cried about 2 dozen times in the past 7 days.
  15. I LOVE Mac makeup.
  16. I have read the whole collection of Jack Weyland books.
  17. Most of you know this already, but I have a very addictive personality.
  18. The older I get the more I dread winters and look forward to summers.
  19. Nothing makes me more happy and more proud than my children.. I think everything they do is amazing.
  20. I have to have "my" time- and that consists of working out.
  21. I am not a huge shopper. I like to go shopping if I know exactly what I want and have an idea where to get it.
  22. I like to do things alone.. most of the time.
  23. If I listen to music loudly, I can clean my house and cook dinner with no complaints.
  24. I look just like my dad:)
  25. I want to secretly eat London.. If you are a parent, you might know what I mean by this. I can't help but grit my teeth super hard when I look at her.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Morning entertainment

Well this week really hasn't been one of my best, let's just put it that way. So here is my way of finding the positives for this week... I got London to go to sleep without having a bottle in bed (in order to get it to this point, there were many long hours of endless crying), Isaiah looked at the letters in London's name and spelled it all by himself (I was really proud of him), and London now is starting to CRUISE.. as you can see by the video. She knows what she wants in the house, and she goes after it (that's my girl). Oh and my kids are still cute... even though they have wicked nasty coughs and awesome runny noses (my pet peeves).

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Boston and London

Isn't their names so funny together? This is my best friend Alexis's son, Boston and my London of course. We always laughed saying they could get married and name their child Utah:) K totally a lame joke, I know. But here is their cuteness together.. (compliments of Jen Herem Photography)
The first picture of London is my favorite. I love to see her little profile..

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jen Herem Photography

Okay so most of you that read this know about Jen's photography blog, some of you are even in the current couples contest! ha. So I was suckered into entering.. I have a few good friends in the same contest so it's kinda silly.. but who wouldn't want free photography? Love you other couples but it's worth a shot right?

If you aren't already voting for someone else, vote for couple #4!!!

Here is the website:

and then you can email: and just vote for #4.

PS. She is a really great photographer and invitation and announcement designer:)