Monday, June 28, 2010

P to the C

So I got a great gift on Father's Day.. funny that it wasn't my day but still somehow Jake surprised us with a long weekend up in the beautiful Park Citay. I'm so grateful we have our friends that we can go with and enjoy these eventful and spontaneous moments we have!

The hotel we stayed at was gorgeous placed right on "the" mountain top where all of our little activities were and when you cracked open our villa window it opened up to the steam of all the hot tubs that drain into the pool on the lower end. It was such a nice place to stay. I could even enjoy just sitting in and watching out the window at all hours.

Unfortunately our little angel was somewhat of a party stopper by choosing to get sick all over Jake while we were out and about Sunday night. Too much kool aid I suppose:)

I was so proud of Isaiah- he never imagined himself being able to get enough courage to go down the alpine slide and not to mention the most frightening part, the chair lift up the mountain! Jake took him aside and said a few magic words to him and next thing I know, Isaiah trusted in his daddy and put his brave face on- He overcame something on that day and I watched it right before my eyes.. made me a proud mommy.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh and....

how could I forget to tell you my first project to attempt reupholstering. I completely changed London's lamp shade with a new fabric. I was a bit nervous to do this for some reason, and I have a lot of work to perfect it (so don't look up too close)- however I did it and I am actually proud of it!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Recent projects.

I really started slacking for a while in the DIY projects around my house but last week I got with it and started some progress.. I made the wreath I have been wanting to attempt. I actually did it for $2.00 total. Yea for helping me save some change for my Einstein's each morning:)
Then I refinished my rocking chair. That poor chair gets killed with each storm we have, so I did it a favor and gave it a quick make over.

Then I decided to use an old bottle I had and I found a way to antique it up a bit then made paper bag hydrangeas. I then sprayed painted them this rustic orange that I have decided to do in my bathroom. Under that I found a very cool frame at D.I. that had the oldest looking picture in it, but I loved the thickness of the frame. So I updated it as well and put in one of my favorite designs. So more to come to finish this bathroom just the way I want it!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shoes part 2

Dear new pair of shoes,

I have been cheating on you all weekend. I'm sorry it has come to this but I have found a new pair of shoes to wear. I know our relationship was short lived but I didn't expect to find another pair so quickly. So for now, please forgive me because in time I will slip you on my feet with the perfect outfit and you will find your time to shine. But for now, I'm off to wear the latest and greatest hooker heels ever (j will love these- wink wink) -


Thursday, June 10, 2010


Dear new pair of shoes,

I want you to know that you made my week by coming into my life. It couldn't have been a better time. As I was walking around sluggish in my very sad, old, and depressed "mommy flats" - there you were sparkling in the store in the corner of my eye. There was no question on whether there was enough cash in my checking account, I found a way to make the purchase even if that meant my kids couldn't eat for a week until payday. I vow to wear you everyday even while mowing my lawn, cooking dinner, or even taking my children camping. I promise now to forgive you for future blisters or more pain in my bunions because I know that regardless of how I am feeling on the inside, I look fabulous on the out. I couldn't ask for a better new best friend.

I love you already-

Your new owner.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


How cute is her face? She loves candy so much that she will suffer through the pain just for a quick taste of sugar! She is too much!