Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Family Night..

I have such a great family. Jake has been so busy with work and school so my family decided to come over and help me assemble London's crib and get her room ready for me. We ate lasagna and everyone immediately went up to her room and worked on it for 4 hours! I can't thank them enough. I woke up this morning like it was Christmas to have that all done. What a releif.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Back safe and sound..

So I took my Denver trip and had a blast. I didn't go into labor on the plane either:) She is still in my belly.. Jake and I had a good time spending time together out there and also spending time with his family. They love Isaiah so much, so it is nice to see them together. I met Jake's old basketball coach that I have heard so much about and a lot of his friends for high school. They are all really nice people. I look up to Jake for trying to stay in contact with them because I have a hard time doing that and I live in the same area as all my friends..
Now it is countdown time and I am not ready for her to come yet! It's hard to know where to start so I will just got catch up on my shows for starters...ha.

Friday, February 15, 2008

My special husband...

I just wanted to share a few moments since it is the day after Valentine's to tell you why I am so lucky to be married to him...
*Disclaimer* Doesn't mean marriage is always easy:) Thought I should throw that in there..
He makes me laugh harder than anyone else can. We have the same sense of humor and so we constantly find things to laugh at. He is a really funny and witty guy.
He is such a "giver" in the sense that if he knows someone is struggling, he will find away to help out. He is really good at that and it is an attractive quality to have.
If I have a complaint, he listens to me and really tries to understand me and validate it.
He is a good example in so many ways to me but never judgemental in anyway shape or form. That makes me love him more every day.
I am never surprised with how hard he works to take care of his family. AND I KNOW WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT his family is the most important thing in his life. I love to watch him with our son. They are best friends and he is such an amazing father... anyway, I could go on and on.. but he is a great man that loves to help people out when in need...I respect him as my husband and I am proud to call him my husband.
THANKS FOR BEING YOU! I love you jake-

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My little weatherman

I decided to take Isaiah on a special day with me after a doctors appointment last week. I took him to the planetarium and taught him things he still hadn't learned about.. such as the moon, space, planets, and when he saw where he could be a weatherman, he went crazy. He told me the weather all over the country.. it was a crack up! He is my best buddy and keeps me laughing DAILY.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Nice friend I have:)

My best friend Jen decided to take pictures of me pregnant last night.. I am not a huge fan of getting my pictures taken at this moment but I know one day I will appreciate seeing them, along with my daughter... Jen does a great job.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Taking chances..

So Jake has a high school basketball game he has been wanting to attend (at his old high school) in Denver for quite sometime now.. he really wants me to go and meet his old friends. So I think, I really need to be the supportive wife that I should be, so I agree. Don't worry that it is during my 34th-35th week of being pregnant. First of all, if I go into labor there or in the "sky" I will freak, second of all how in the world can I make a good impression meeting these people being soo swollen and pregnant as I waddle in!!!?? I am dying. So I must have a few cute outfits to take to at least make me feel decent. So I am doing some shopping...