Monday, January 31, 2011


So yes I am in full blown overload mode. I know it probably seems as though I am always mentioning another "project" I am into but I have a lot of drive and idea's and I want to make sure to find the one that is most fulfilling and have a potential future. Most of my closest friends know that one huge passion of mine has been collecting, using, researching, and talking makeup! I love to use nice and expensive makeup but I also have been like everyone else and have been on a major budget, so I can't just go out and buy whatever color I want. So I have been enjoying comparing one expensive cosmetic to the less expensive cosmetic. Everyone wants to know how to use the makeup that they already have in their "caboodle" hehe. So that will be something I do on this new site of mine. I love to help myself out along with others. Become a follower so you can get the udpates on reviews,items that are comparable but not in price, tips and techniques, and what products are out there. You can also hire me to do makeup for pictures, dances, weddings, or just a new "get out of your rut" makeover!

New blog is:

Friday, January 14, 2011

Seductive Giveaway...

Sooo what partner wouldn't love to get a sexy booklet of photos of their wife for Valentine's Day?? I know you might feel inadequate or that it isn't for you but trust me, put yourself out there and make yourself do it. Jenny from Simply Sublime Photography is so easy and fun to work with. She knows what she is doing and is very professional! I pushed myself to do it and don't regret a second of it!

Sessions are in the comfort of your own home and include 30 minutes of shooting and up to 2 clothing changes. Make up artist. 10 4x6 prints in beautiful boutique package for only $50!! (I have never heard of a session for a price that cheap!)

I will be doing the make up for anyone that books their session with Simply Sublime. Go ahead and take a chance to win this amazing giveaway by clicking

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Heard of these? Cutest things EVER by far. We have 3 of them. You can't explain these "things" at all in words. Jake tried to explain them to me and until I saw them, I had no idea how awesome they would be. You play with them and the outcome is always a smile.

London & Isaiah each have their very own and I hear them harmonizing day and night! You can purchase them at Walmart but also online

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Challenge #2 the desk

So again, over at Full Bowl of Lemons I did the 2nd challenge. It was to organize your computer desk. Here is before the challenge was started:

I'm liking this 21 day challenge so far. I didn't get to the challenge until late at night and waking up to a little bit more organized house was awesome.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Start it right

To start out this New Year right, I have decided to get involved in Get Organized 21 Day Challenge over at A Bowl Full of Lemons

First challenge... getting my junk drawer organized.

After doing what was asked, the same drawer looks like this: