Thursday, September 22, 2011

What blog?

Today I realized I have a blog, totally forgot about my beloved blog that I have put so much time into. So I must get reacquainted. Life has been so crazy the past few months that I haven't found any time to even think about blogging, yet somehow someway I found a way to check my FB account or look through Pinterest. Interesting right?

**Warning: there could be extreme sarcasm throughout this post.**

Well if you haven't forgotten, I have a husband named Jake. He is my partner in life and my very best friend. In reality he gets on my nerves from time to time but I don't want to get rid of him, yet:) And for now he says he kinda likes me too. So we have decided to be together for a little while.. maybe even eternity if and ONLY if he stays nice. 

This is he and I on a date last week:

I can't help but laugh at the very first picture. The timer was getting ready to go off and we weren't sure what to do so at the last minute I yell "guns" and that is the pose he does. When he saw that he said, "those might be the most masculine fake gun hands I've ever seen." He is a real tough guy, can't you tell?  If you were to see him with those guns wouldn't your knees be shaking? 
You can tell that we have real boring dates together. We hardly have anything to talk about and absolutely NO laughing whatsoever. That is how we like it. Try it sometime, so romantic:)