Thursday, April 29, 2010


Soooo.. the other day I was outside saying bye to my mom and sister and right as I was doing that I saw this lady walking my way to sell something... Anytime this happens, I usually immediately go completely antisocial and kinda short. I know it's not THEIR fault but I hate when people try to sell me on something. I didn't even really open up to this lady until she asked me if I thought she looked like Janet Jackson. I actually started laughing. So at this point she asked if I had any stains on my carpet... and then BOOM she had me. I am a carpet cleaner fanatic. So she came in and squirted this stuff on one of my MANY stains and put a rag over it and wallah.. no stain. I was shocked. In my mind I was already trying to think of how I could pay for it. After I had her go upstairs through my messy house and into my bathroom (the most personal place you can take a stranger) and had her show me her magic trick in my shower... So I found a way to buy it. I had to.. I have never seen anything like this kind of cleaner. It cleaned off this purple paint stain I had on my concrete for over a year. This cleaner, cleaned EVERYTHING she squirted. It was safe to clean anything- even my skin from painting that day. After she took my credit card number (yes, the same credit card my husband and I talked about trying to pay off and not purchasing another item with it) I had her leave so I could begin cleaning. I never imagined cleaning could be so fun. I usually have to take my bucket full of different cleaners to and from each room... not this time. I took this cleaner and a rag and I kid you not.. cleaned for 4 hours.. Jake has wondered what has gotten into me... he still has no idea I bought it- but he has noticed OUR clean house including carpets. One day when he looks at the statement, he will ask me what that purchase was but how could he be mad when he has seen the results of this product himself right? I thought it was a good plan myself! (or he could see this post and find out before the statement, either way- it was worth it!)

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Isaiah had a primary activity this morning. They went to the church for a drive-in movie (Toy Story). They were in charge of bringing their own car made out of cardboard. Isaiah is a lucky little boy to have the daddy that he has. Jake stayed up all night making this awesome speed racer. Isaiah kept saying, "Everyone is going to tell me that I have the best car." So when I walked in to pick him up he had this big smile on his face and said, "Mom, I told you- even my teacher said I had the BEST car twice."

Monday, April 12, 2010


I love my familia.. we always have a good time together no matter where we are. We took off down to Vegas and enjoyed a week together in a nice condo - thanks to Mom & Pop.

I might have one of the coolest families ever.. just sayin.