Friday, June 1, 2012

Elastic Help

This is kinda random but when I come up with something that I feel is successful, I gotta post to possibly help another mom out.
Being a girl and having a girl, we have elastics EVERYWHERE!! Drives me crazy. I put them in plastic baggy's, thrown in the drawer, in a container, etc... I've tried it all. Most of the time it's too messy or inconvenient when you are in a hurry.
So two different options that work for me...

1. Harness clip. I feel this clip is useful in so many ways. I also use one of these to attach my keys to my purse anytime  I am running errands and I need to put my keys in a spot where it won't make me get down and basically rummage through my big ol purse to try to find my keys while I am in a hurry and I've got screaming kids. Done it 1 million times too many!! Anyway back on the subject of elastics.. this is another use for the clip. It's like a quick dispenser. It also holds a TON of elastics, and all sizes. I push it open and an grab an elastic to use. So easy right? And it looks nice in my usual messy top drawer in my bathroom.

2. Paper towel roll. I use these under my daughters sink in a hair tote. It's so easy for her to go and get an elastic and just roll it off the paper towel roll tube. Doesn't take up too much room and is a great way to organize your elastics!

All in all, I think these are two different efficient ways to organize and store all the many elastics we too often lose or make a mess with in our bathrooms.

Now onto different ways to organize all the other items in my bathroom drawers...