Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Princess Festivities..

Meet Princess London.... eating in her castle before her big day.

Taking a pic with the Queen:

Visit with Alice & Wonderland Crew:

Resting with her wings in tact::

Enjoying her day with other Princesses her age (and the Queens):

Visiting with her favorite that day... Cinderella:

Visit with Jasmine:

Along with Arielle:

and onto Peter Pan (for her brother):

Princess London was a little apprehensive to talk to Captain Hook but she stood brave:

Showing her excitement!


Her favorite stop.. Princess Tiana and the Frog. The Frog spoke to her and told her his favorite color which was green of course:

Saying goodbye to the festival and off in her Princess carriage:

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I swear I am always having fun with my kids wherever we are. Laughing is definitely my healing medicine. Life is too serious and so many different trials, so might as well enjoy the small every day things that make us smile, even if it is for a quick second. My kids crack me up and I love that they have silly personalities along with me. So ladies and gents introducing London and Isaiah mannequin style!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The latest graduate.

We have had a few graduates in this house lately. I'm proud of my two boys. My partner in life graduated from college, which was such hard work and dedication more than I can even comprehend. I have some pics from that day but I need to upload them still. On the other hand, I watched my little guy go into kindergarten timid and nervous and in a blink of an eye, he was graduating from that stage in his life. Now after summer break, he will be leaving me and our home the majority of the day, not just a few hours in the mornings. I was thinking, this is it... he might as well be 18. I know this is apart of life, we raise our kids to be independent responsible adults... and I look forward to seeing what his bright future will be, but my emotions are still high. Isaiah is such a special child. So outgoing and enjoys life. So much in fact he still cries anytime we have to leave an event or just a playdate. He never wants the party to end. I always have to prepare him wherever we are and say, "we are leaving in 5 minutes" just so we don't have a breakdown everywhere we go! I feel grateful I am his mom. I had another mom and grandma at his graduation walk up and ask if I was his mom and they proceeded to tell me that he stole the graduation show with his singing and doing the actions perfectly. I also have been told multiple times that he is so social with kids AND adults. He articulates so well for being 6 years old. We have no problem with him having a conversation with an adult. It's as if there is no age between them. He is so social in fact, that can be his downfall. The only reason he would ever get an "uh oh" face (at school the teacher communicates with parents on how their child is doing that specific day by circling a smile, uh oh, or mad face depending on how they did that day) is from being too chatty. I had a hard time getting mad at him cause it just made me realize there is NO doubt he is OUR child (meaning both Jake and I don't have any problem with being shy).

Isaiah loves his family and friends. He loves his sister more than anything in this world. He takes her under his wing with friends and never leaves her out. It makes me proud. He is a very loving and sensitive kid and never stops talking. I find myself getting begging for some silence and then realizing to try to enjoy it now... 
He has learned so much in school and he got accepted into the French Immersion program next year for 1st grade and I have no doubt he will succeed in all he does. Below is the gift we made together for his teacher...

Happy Graduation Buzzy Boo, your mama loves you.

One last thing... we found this in his Kindergarten Journal that they worked on throughout the year... this couldn't be more classic... if anyone knows Jake, this all makes sense to you. SOO funny!