Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What About Brian?

This is one of my favorite shows by far. I was STUNNED to hear that it had low ratings and they might pull it. It is on Monday nights at 9pm (mst). I look forward to each week... it's about all different stages relationships.. marriage, divorce, being single, being newlywed with problems, etc... I relate to it and would suggest anyone watching this! It would be a sad day if they had to pull such a great group of talented people that create such an entertaining show.


sarah said...

i love that show. especially since it is on Monday and nothing good is ever on MONDAYS!

Laura Huston said...

I used to see the ads for it, especially when I watched the Bachelor. Maybe I will give it a try..it actually looked pretty good! My favorite show was Arrested Development and I was SHICKED that it went off the air too. America has such bad taste sometimes..lol.;)

Wilcock Family said...

How funny- I watched this too- loved it!! I miss that show so much!