Friday, January 25, 2008

Okay so the beginning of a project!

Okay well yesterday I started my craft day. I don't know what gave me the motivation because doing crafts is not something I do very much at all. So this is the start of it. Don't worry still a long way to go but I will make sure to post the pictures when they are finished. Oh and as you can tell her name is London:) Jake still isn't 110% sure on it, but now that I have put together her room--- NOT MUCH HE CAN DO ABOUT IT NOW! ha ha. So stay tuned and let's hope I am not changing the lettering again.


Whitney said...

Mandy, I am in LOVE with that name! I serioulsy would LOVE LOVE to name my daughter London! I am so excited for you...that name fits you perfectly!

Kirsten said...

you know I love it....was way fun hangin' out with you two tonight!!!

Mandymoo said...

I am so glad you love the name. It's always hard to find a name and stick with it while your husband does all this analyzing on it!
Kirsten I HAD SO much fun. This needs to happen more frequently, I am serious... speaking of which... you do inspire me so we really should hang out:)