Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fun weekend:)

Last night we had the pleasure of having amazing dinner along with amazing company.. Dave and Kirsten. We had so much fun with them. We always talk about how interesting it is that we are actually hanging out after all these years of being acquaintances while through school. Kirsten always has the funnest memories of things I would have totally forgot. I love to see what her insight was on all of it! Also I feel like I could talk and talk and talk with them. They are an amazing couple. We are glad to know them and I want to hang out more!!
Tonight I had the pleasure of going to dinner with my friend Jen which I love and adore. I seriously don't think one other person in this world (besides her sister Alexis) that truly gets me- my sense of humor and all. We finish each others sentences like crazy and decided tonight that we communicate like a married couple.. it's quite hilarious. I did A LOT of laughing tonight. She seriously makes me laugh sooo hard. When we are together we constantly say how funny we are... haha. She is helping me plan my baby shower and she has the best ideas in the whole world with such great taste. I always have to go to her for advice on so much stuff!!! Love her to pieces. So now I probably should go to bed so I can TRY to wake up and go to church since my whole family has been in bed for hours now!


Whitney said...

Mandy I miss hanging out with you! If you are having a friend baby shower I would SERIOUSLY love to come!!! Is that weird that I am inviting myself!!?? haha!~

The Herem's said...

Last night was UNREAL! ha-ha Thanks for being so funny ALL THE TIME!

Love ya

Rusti said...

I love when you find people you really click with. It's especially hard to find a couple like that.

Can't wait to see what you girls plan for the shower.


The Skinners said...

sounds like so much fun. I love those weekends that are just relaxing and fun. I miss hanging out with you too.