Monday, June 8, 2009

Moments like this..

Okay I am first going to start out by telling you my "moment" tonight. As you must already know... I am on the go and always on my phone. Well I had a lot to do tonight and I put London down for bed and an hour later she woke up crying. My first reaction is to just let her cry herself back to sleep but then all of the sudden I felt impressed to go in there. Left my phone outside the door, picked her up, and rocked her for 45 minutes. I couldn't let her go. I couldn't stop looking at her. And that is when I realized everything I have to do could absolutely wait for me to enjoy this moment with my child that is growing so fast. It was silent as I rocked her and I listened to her breathe with her head on my shoulder. NOTHING is more precious than that. YES, this is my sentimental moment:) Anywhoo the following are pictures I took of the kids in the bath and I decided I was going to use one of these pictures to blow up and put it in their bathroom. So I want you guys to tell me which one to use:





Addison's Mama said...

I really like #1, #2 and #5- so cute!! Also where did you get that shower curtain? ADORABLE!!

mommyof2 said...

do a collage of them especially the ones of them doing each other's hair, love it!!

Ashley said...

Nothing is better then your angel asleep in your arms. Good luck on picking. All of them are DARLING! I vote #1, they both have a sparkle in their eyes!

Lori's Family said...

I agree with Addison's Mama #1,#2,#5. Maybe put all three in decending frames? How can you pick just one! I had my sentimental moment the other day. I'm glad you acted on yours. You will never regret quality time spent with your babies.