Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pot of gold??

We went out to the Gateway mall and watched my nanny/niece, Danielle perform with her singing and dancing group. It was so nice outside and we got to just sit out on the grass by the dancing water. We then went to grab some food and while we were inside, it started pouring rain. So we were stuck inside for a while but on our drive home we actually saw the most beautiful rainbow ever. I have never felt like I was so close to one-- I wanted to go find the gold- WE WERE SOOOO CLOSE:)


Lori's Family said...

That is a very vibrant and pretty rainbow, wish we could have seen it. London looks so cute in her little hat. Too bad, no gold to be had.:)

Angela Cloyd said...

Great pictures!! London always looks adorable :)