Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Heard of these? Cutest things EVER by far. We have 3 of them. You can't explain these "things" at all in words. Jake tried to explain them to me and until I saw them, I had no idea how awesome they would be. You play with them and the outcome is always a smile.

London & Isaiah each have their very own and I hear them harmonizing day and night! You can purchase them at Walmart but also online


sissyann said...

Have you tried to put your finger in their mouth?!! lol It hurts! We love our singamagij

Jen said...

i have to admit when i first saw these i thought they were freaky! haha. but when you actually start playing with them, they are pretty cool. :)

Dutson Fam said...

Ha ha, I love those things. All my nieces and nephews have them. I think I need to get one for Perry!