Thursday, May 26, 2011

Training wheels off

We are sure proud of our lil buz. We went to the gym as a family and Jake's grandpa decided to come get Isaiah from us. By the time we got home, Isaiah was riding his bike like a pro MINUS the training wheels. I have been petrified of that day cause I thought it would be a very painful day.. Isaiah usually is pretty apprehensive to try things like that... but to our surprise, Grandpa Nate used his magic powers and taught him within 20 minutes!
Also shout out to my amazing neighbor Trisha for being outside and shooting these pics of him while the magic occurred!


Lori's Family said...

Grandpa needs to show Madeline for us. Yay buzzy, your getting so big:)

Dena said...

Good for him-he does great on his bike. Hooray for sunshine and shared driveways!