Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Running Barefoot is Highly Overrated.

You know what is so sad? I couldn't wear these IF I wanted to! I always knew one day somehow someway my disability would be shown in one way or another! Darn "Running Barefoot" shoes. Thanks a bunch! ;) Wait, maybe just maybe if Dr Phil or Dr Oz get a hold of this post they will find a way to personalize a pair designed specifically only for my very "special"  webbed toes. 

Side note: Can you imagine how silly they would look?? hehehe. You have my permission to laugh just this once about me.. only once.

p.s. My poor poor children-. Who knows what 2020 will bring when it comes to new inventions that have to show off their beautiful (handed down from their mommy) webbed toes. Good luck Buz & Londs. Remember Mommy always told you that "different is special." lol.


gina bina said...

You make me smile! And yes, I'll for sure need to hit up your shop for some bows :)