Friday, December 21, 2007

Operation binky....

Has been a success!! YEA. It has been over a week now that the binky went missing and he is sleeping really well again. I am so proud of him. He really is an easy child to make changes with. He loves his Lightning McQueen pillow that has Mater on the back of it. I catch myself going in to his room after he has been asleep and laying with him..
I'm almost finished with Christmas.. I feel like we had no budget this year and it was all chaotic the way we just bought whenever but it doesn't help when your son's birthday is a few days later.. so yes I automatically feel like we spoiled him. I guess it is okay to do that since this is the last year he will be alone for this holiday. Now he will have at least one sibling to share it with.
We have decided on a different name for our baby girl (we call her baby bunny). I don't want to disclose it yet since it isn't set in stone but we are thrilled about it and feel it fits her well (and we haven't even seen her yet)!
We went to the Premier of Tears of a King last night. It is the LDS movie they did about Elvis reading the Book of Mormon. It was fun to go and see some of the Osmond's there and the producers and stars of the show, however the show itself wasn't great. I wish it was but honestly, I can't lie! I was proud of my sisters and their song at the end.. now that was the best part:)


Cindy said...

Cute, darling blog!! I still watch the Mariachi Video over and over.