Friday, January 16, 2009

Slowly but surely..

We are SO excited!! Can you say ANTICIPATION? Here is a few pictures of our humble home in the process of being built..

London's room:)
Buzzy's room:

A fenced yard.. small, but STILL a yard:)

Our new kitchen!!

One of my tv rooms (I have decided it is my very own)..

And last but not least... our work out room (in the clubhouse).. so excited for having this..


Britney said...

SO exciting! Where is this being built? Hey...ANY backyard is perfect! I CAN't WAIT for a backyard!

Lori's Family said...

I love the kitchen cabinets. How exciting! I can't wait to visit when it is finished (I'm inviting myself over already:).

Whitney said...

Mandy I love it!!! Congrats can't wait to come see it!!!!!

The Sjoblom Family said...

Okay, so seeing the home building process makes me sick. I seriously hate building ;) But it will be worth it. We built our house about a year and a half ago...Nightmare to say the least. I hope your experience is better. Your family is so cute. My girls names are Scotland and Sweden. If we have another girl we are going to name her London...pretty funny. Well take care and good luck with the house.


Mandy said...

It's in the new Foxboro down in North Salt Lake..

Kristine and Mark said...

I just saw you are moving in Foxboro in NSL. Where abouts exactly. Lex is down there now. In the Spring/Summer Me and Heather takes walks every morning.

Amy said...

Mandy hasn't anyone told you not to move there! It is the next Rose Park!! EEK!

Mandy said...

I'm sorry Amy.. Do I know you? What's wrong with Rose Park? Well hopefully for you, you have enough money to build up on the east side. If it makes you feel any better about it, I've taken huge measures to protect my family and I down in the "bad side of town." :)

Amber and Everett said...

hey I just ran across your blog from Viewmont's blog. If you are moving to foxboro north then you are going to be in my ward!!! I'll look for you! what a small world and congrats on the new house. check out my
just in case you don't know who in the world I am my maiden name is Amber Holdstock.