Thursday, January 29, 2009

A few random pictures..

Well last night I was uploading my pictures onto my desktop and erased 90% of them. Soo typical of me. So here is a few pictures that weren't erased from last weekend at Kangaroozoo.


Nixen- (love this picture)

Isaiah playing with his friend Stockton (I love how they are holding hands).

Cutest friends..


Britney said...

Cute pictures.

When we were in Utah, we went to this Kangaroo place. Really cute idea!

Jen Herem said...

that was fun. we should do it again. my kid is cute. ha.

Clint, Jamie and Olivia said...

Crazy small world - we were in Utah last week and took Livy there! I thought it was such a cute place. Maybe the next time we are there we will run into each other :)