Saturday, May 16, 2009

Followed through...

Okay just to follow through with the things I had wanted to accomplish this week.. here are the results!

  • Clear out and empty these boxes covering my floor.

Half of them are still in here, but I did get half of them put away and organized.

  • Get rid of my muffin top.. lipo maybe?? ha.

Well I didn't get lipo :( but I have been working my abs like crazy and I feel not a large muffin top, just a mini muffin top. So this is progress..

  • Detail my car.

I didn't have a chance to detail MY car, but this morning I went out and details Jake's car. So I say I win on this... same thing right?

  • Plant flowers in my beautiful pot Aunt Cindy got us a long time ago:)

Didn't do it this week.. so that will be on next week's list once again. Does it mean anything if I went flower shopping but just didn't buy any?

  • Sell extra clothes/house stuff/ kids toys on ksl and ebay.

I have done a few of theses things, but still have many more to sell.

  • Get a rug for my kitchen.

I did this!! Yea... I love it. Along with buying that I bought a new vacuum. LOVE THIS.

  • Hang all my pictures up.

This is a flat out no. Next week's list for sure!

  • Make dinner.. at least once...:)

I DOUBLED this part. I made dinner actually twice this week!!! Wahooo.

  • Make my blog private! Start sending me your emails if you are interested in reading my ramblings..

And I just did this now! If anyone you know that might or could be interesting in reading our family blog please just email me at :