Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Golfing against my will..

So my family decided to all go golfing the other day. I normally don't really have the desire to go much anymore so the other day I woke up and listened to a voicemail that sounded a little like this:
"Mandy... we got two groups of four to go play 9 holes. Danielle is watching your kids. Get your ass up and meet us there. You ARE GOING." By my lovely sister Debra. Sometimes that is the only way for me to do something..:) I am glad I went. It ended up being fun and I was actually way better than my sisters.. ha.

Jacque smoking her cig.. he he

Debra taking it WAY too seriously..

Brayden looking thrilled to be there..

Jacque still smoking..

Sean doing what he does best...

My pops showing off his skills..


Angela Cloyd said...

Looks like it was a fun time! What did you think are you in to it now?

Jen Herem said...

uhh, no pics of the pro? can i just say my first thought when i saw the pics of your sister's was, 'they are gonna be pissed'. ha.

The Skinners said...

I love that they set it all up and planned a babysitter... cant argue with that! Looks fun!