Monday, June 21, 2010

Recent projects.

I really started slacking for a while in the DIY projects around my house but last week I got with it and started some progress.. I made the wreath I have been wanting to attempt. I actually did it for $2.00 total. Yea for helping me save some change for my Einstein's each morning:)
Then I refinished my rocking chair. That poor chair gets killed with each storm we have, so I did it a favor and gave it a quick make over.

Then I decided to use an old bottle I had and I found a way to antique it up a bit then made paper bag hydrangeas. I then sprayed painted them this rustic orange that I have decided to do in my bathroom. Under that I found a very cool frame at D.I. that had the oldest looking picture in it, but I loved the thickness of the frame. So I updated it as well and put in one of my favorite designs. So more to come to finish this bathroom just the way I want it!


jensam said...

love them!~ is the wreath made out of jute? or what?
and i am totally lovin your hydrangeas! i bought all the stuff to do them, but haven't yet. i love your idea of painting them, i never thought of that, i'm totally gonna be stealing that one!

Angela Cloyd said...

So cute Mandy! Love all of your new projects. Such affordable ways to decorate our house. You have motivated me!

zack~kristin~stockton~kailee! said...

good for you! how did you make that wreath? you are seriously so good at those things... I need to take a few lessons! Let's have arts and crafts one day soon!