Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Annual trip to the mountains..

I look forward to this one event every year. My family usually always gets a condo up in Park City area around this time.. this year we went up to Deer Valley. It was fun minus my heat stroke. I am still stumped on how I got that. Our family always knows how to do it right- Weird picture-- right?? ya I know.

My favorite picture of my mom and London-


zack.kristin.stockton.kailee said...

It looks like you're having lots of fun! I love reading your posts because you are one of the only people to admit that life isn't perfect on your blog. I admire that because you know that no one else's life is perfect either... most people just try to hide that. Anyway, I miss you! I'd love to play. We could come over to your little park again? I also didn't know you were working so many jobs! You've gotta slow down! Let me know if you ever have any free time to play!

Allen and Suzie said...

I wish someone would convince my husband that this is how you take a trip to the mountains. Instead I have spider bites and had to watch the bats fly past all night! Im glad you found me!