Thursday, August 26, 2010

Little moments.

So it came acrossed my mind that I am not blogging the way I wanted to when I began. I am only doing the BIG moments in our lives.. or the more obvious events, which is great BUT the most important part of blogging is to have the little moments of my children that will be lost in months. Those touching little times that we should try to hold onto but we get too busy and frantic with our everyday lives. So I am hoping this is my turning point. Yes I like having followers and readers and I don't want to lose you but I also want to remember the whole point of my blog to begin with (and a great way to vent right?).

This is the kid of the week in our home.. he is special in so many ways. Besides the fact that he is smart, outgoing, sweet, sensitive, amazing karate master, and the best big brother... he is now in big boy school. I'm totally mixed on it. I'm excited for him though. I walked him through the halls the very 1st day and it brought back SO many memories. Don't all schools smell the same? I remember having a lot of my first moments in school.. when your friends hurt your feelings at recess and you go in crying.. to wanting to have your teacher pick you first while you are raising your hand as high as you can.... and then thinking this is just the beginning for him. So many positive and negatives that go on from here on out. I worry about his feelings especially because he is extra sensitive. I wish we as parents could shield him from all bullies or friends that don't include him, things of that nature. But instead I do what every parent does and LET GO. It's a hard concept and I think I will have to remind myself constantly - it's out of my hands. For so long he has relied on me for everything and now he is becoming independent enough to do it himself. That alone is a struggle for me but I am excited to watch him grow up and succeed - I am very proud of him already, and he is only 5 years young. This is obviously the 1st day of of kindergarten for my oldest and first child. Isaiah is the child that wakes up every morning with a big smile and is already for the day.. before I even wake up .. he makes his bed and cleans his room (mandatory before tv watching). London on the other hand, not so much!

Tonight I was cleaning the bathroom while listening to Isaiah talk to London.. If any of you know Isaiah, he is extremely scared and sensitive to the dark and night time. So this story is that much better knowing that.. London decided that SHE would be scared and not want to go to bed. So Isaiah was talking babyish to her and saying .. Londs, you know how you love babies? All you need to do is dream about being a mommy to LOTS of giggling babies then all that bad nightmares go away. Just think of things you like and it will help (this is exactly what I told him 5 minutes earlier). He also said, I know what it's like to be scared but I am not anymore.. because I just looked outside where I thought their were monsters and there was nothing there! So we will make sure you are safe London.. cause we love you.
Oh it definitely put a big smile on my face. How grateful I am for their relationship and how sweet Isaiah is to her. After a really long day and not having any patience left in my body.. that helped my whole night just to hear that small little conversation.


Allen and Suzie said...

Aww I love this boy. He is so full of personality. Every time I have talked to him he kills me with how polite, and grown up he is. I think the 1st day of school will be a hard day for me in the future.

The Skinners said...

Wow what a big day for him. I am going to die when its time for Cole next year. Isaiah is so handsome and will do great! Miss ya!

jensam said...

mandy he is just about the cutest kid ever! i LOVE all his poses!
and that story to london, how cute is he?

Cheryl said...

Thanks for this post. I needed a little reminding. A little reminding that it is good to remember the big things but also be 'real'. Remember the day to day stuff.

I'm gonna forget about judging and tell how it really is. You had a post about being a mom once and it was awesome. I appreciate those posts from people.

zack.kristin.stockton.kailee said...

what a sweet little boy! I love how he was making London feel better! How exciting too that he is in school now! I am in your boat... excited for Stockton, but feeling a little sad/scared about him growing up. Your post was like something I would have said if I could have expressed myself how I'd like to. I love reading what you are up to!