Saturday, August 14, 2010

Red, white, blue.

So yes I know I am very late on posting- but like I said.. I was going to catch up somehow! This is part 1 of our 4th of July celebration. It started out with our annual parade at Centerville and this year was extra special because our Buzzy was actually IN the parade this time. We are so grateful for his new karate academy that he has joined, the Bobby Lawrence Karate in Centerville (that will be a whole new post). He was our local celebrity for the day.. we had people calling our cell phones asking us if Isaiah was in the parade because they thought he threw them candy:)
Then after that first event.. later in the evening we went up to Davis High for the program (my sisters) and then the amazing fireworks! Perfect way to end the night! Oh and don't forget to look how beautiful the view was when my sisters were singing.. it was a breath taker that's for sure.


zack.kristin.stockton.kailee said...

That looks like so much fun! I'm so glad Isaiah loves karate.. it makes me want to let Stockton try it. You and your family look so happy and I'm so glad!