Saturday, September 4, 2010

Nice people :)

There are nice people in this world and in my life. Sometimes I get cynical and start living in a protective place where I know for sure no one will get emotionally hurt that I am close to, as long as I protect them from EVERYONE that can hurt them. This sounds like a lot of work but I do this subconsciously somehow... and then someone side swipes me and knocks some sense into me that WOW.. there really are kind, loving, and genuine people that actually care with no strings attached. I am grateful for moments like today that can make me start believing in happiness and paying it forward. For me, life feels like a bumpy flight. It starts out smooth have a few minor bumps, then you set back and enjoy for a while then BAM turbulence all over the place... just to find yourself relaxed again... and then BAM it comes back. Is this normal? I have no idea.. I just know it's my reality and through it all, I have 2 very very hard but very very cute kids that I have to survive for ... well not only survive but succeed through it all. So I am just grateful for moments in life that I am apart of something special, unique, and happy- so I can add that to my bank of happy thoughts and little reminders on what life should be!
One of those people in my life is Jenny Heikkila. She appeared in my life as a huge ray of sunshine from the day I met her. Sounds cheesy but literally you look at her and her smile just radiates happiness. How lucky I was that when we met not long ago that I was in a place to get to know her. She is talented and she shares her talents with me! That's a good friend... she is a mommy, works at the hospital, a wife, and is another one of those girls that takes unique and beautiful pictures of my kids.. lucky me.


Jenny said...

mandy, i'm in tears reading this. its not every day that you find a true who takes you for who you are and above all one who truly appreciates you.
life is crazy and its so nice to have a great friend to help you along the way. you are too sweet to write this post....
love ya girl!!!