Thursday, September 9, 2010


I haven't officially had the chance to introduce my new blog.. I have mentioned it on facebook but not here. I have decided to start a site up for people in Utah to trade stuff.. new or old, extra, or whatever else can be traded.. maybe even spouses or kids? :) Anyway, the more people we get involved in participating, the more unique items to trade... It's a work in progress and I think could be very helpful to a lot of people out there. For right now the items posted are items that someone owns that wants to get rid of, for something else. Really soon there will be also a part where you can post items you want as well.. So let's all start digging in and helping each other out! Please help me out and spread the word and follow the blog!

Click below to start swappin..


gina bina said...

Great idea! What is the link?

Mandy said...

Sorry babe-