Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dearest Cupcake

To the newest member of my family,

Thank you for making me feel safe in my home again. If it weren't for you, I might be still escaping to Grandma & Grandpa Alvey's basement. There are a few things I am trying to get used to with you such as, thinking my toes and fingers are toys, slipping in right under my feet as I walk, and being quite the attention getter. I will try to be more patient with you, if you try to mind your own business while I'm busy working. We can create some type of win-win situation.

We weren't expecting opening our arms to a cute 4 legged kitten but after quickly weighing out the pros and cons of having mice or taking care of a kitten, it was an easy decision for me. Thanks for giving me the piece of mind of feeling like my house is MY house again.

Don't expect getting any brother and sister kittens to keep you company. I am definitely out of my comfort zone by even taking care of you, let alone a family of cats. I promise I will never be known as a cat "lady"- The only brothers & sisters you will ever have is Isaiah & London, so please keep them entertained more often so they don't need me as much. I would really appreciate the extra help.

I'll take care of you, if you take care of me and my home. Do NOT become friends with the enemy (mice). Hunt, hunt, hunt. And one last thing, please do not ever smell up my little cottage or make me ever buy those huge scratching posts. Just appreciate the cute little girl pink things I already have bought for you.

Thanks for being cute- just keep your paws to yourself more! And we really love when you chase your tail, we hope one day you win that game :)

P.S. oh and I would really appreciate you keeping on your cute new sweater I got you..


Angela Cloyd said...

She is so cute!! It works too, we had a mouse a couple of weeks ago and my dog caught it in just a few minutes when we let her down stairs. I couldn't believe it. I soaked her in the bath right away. ;) Hope your little one does the same thing.
Miss you we need to get together and laugh!

Jen and Sam said...

she is so cute!!! i hope she gets your mice for you! and keeps them away!

The Skinners said...

Such a cute little kitten. I would love one at my house... but Chuck is allergic! So fun!