Sunday, November 7, 2010


So life started out as usual this week until one little tiny thing occurred and after that life came to a complete halt! So many things in my life have happened and hardly ever has my life stopped all until a little mouse decided to make it's way inside my bedroom chamber and scare every bit of maturity and common sense out of me. I had no idea I was this afraid until I was face to face with him! I definitely learned something about myself.
After Jake traumatizing me and forcing me to try to catch Mickey with him , I finally evacuated my house defeated at 1 am and took the kids to my parents house, as if there was a full on fire or some kind of huge emergency. One night turned into two, two nights turned into three. This is now my second night back into my home after re- entering and doing some major cleaning and putting my bedroom back together after Jake trashing the place hoping to kill it. I'm having a hard time enjoying my home and feeling comfortable here again, now knowing what has taken place. How dare he? So I have had mice on my mind for 4 days straight now- hoping I can stay and not have another occurrence. I am not a happy camper.
p.s. Thanks heaven's for exterminators (and for parents with extra bedrooms) for my peace of mind, but where did he go? It's like trying to find Waldo in Where's Waldo, only ten times harder!