Friday, December 31, 2010

Time for change

I'm excited and nervous to post this because not only does it make it too real but it makes me have to follow it through...

1. This is the more obvious typical resolution however.. get this lazy BEHIND back to sweatin. I don't care what kind of sweatin as long as it gets me back to moving and grooving and feeling back in shape. I miss a good work out.

2. Let go. I came to the realization that I like to have control and if I don't have control, I find a way to to control. This year I want to accept what I can't change and let go and the one book that will be helping me along the way will be one of my fav's called, Language of Letting Go.

3. Man upstairs. Become better friends with the man upstairs and developing a deeper relationship with him.

4. Thanksgiving. More gratitude of the itty bitty things in my every day life.

5. Talkin to myself. I know this might sound crazy at first but I want to check in with myself every night and find out where I am in most area's of my life. There is all sorts of benefits from this.

6. Simplify. Make my life more simple and one of those ways is getting organized and staying organized.

7. Become closer to my Canon. Find a way to not be intimidated of it.

8. Boundaries. No this doesn't mean learn some sport but this means to keep myself emotionally & physically healthy. I have a tendency to fade my boundary lines easily so it will be important to find clarity with this!

9. Swim in the library. I find a sense of serenity when I read so I want to make sure to always stay reading a book through the year.

10. Smell the roses. Want to constantly remind myself to slow down and enjoy the day to day things that we take for granted.


Kari Badell said...

It sounds like you are going to be well rounded in 2011...except for physically...haha. All kidding aside it sounds like you have made some good goals for yourself. I have some very similar here's to meeting our goals/resolutions in 2011!

Mandy said...

Oh no.. I said physical exercise!! That is huge but this other stuff is going to make for a better person physically. That's what to hope for!

Jen and Sam said...

these are some awesome goals!

The Skinners said...

Great goals! I remember us writing lists like this together back in Jr High/high school. Remember when we were going to move to NY and have inflatable furniture to save money? ha ha.