Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Busy being proud

This past weekend I was one lucky mama. My little sweetie pie had her first dance competition. Boy did it bring back so many memories for me. I grew up dancing and on the weekends competing. I was always overwhelmed and nervous, so I just expected that from her. But instead, she was calm and so excited. It was really fun to see it all through her eyes. She loved every minute of it and was soaking it all up. I sat and watched her as she looked around at all the dancers in their costumes and performing. She looked around as if she was in the middle of New York City looking around. It put a big smile on my face. She looked gorgeous and did great. She soaked it all up. She was so happy when her aunt Debbie and Grandma Karen walked in just in time to see her go on.

It was a lot of fun for her to open up the program and see her mommy's name in it for the Overall Queen in the past. I got to see her proud face. So many memories. It was awesome that I could put together the memories with the new memories we are creating with my own daughter. 

To top off this post on Sunday, I got to watch my big boy get his first badges as being a Boy Scout. Not only did he receive his first badges, but he got lead the ceremony.  There is so much about this boy of mine, that makes me proud. He is so smart and it comes so naturally for him. He is so mature for his age, I can talk just about anything to him. He is getting so big, so fast.