Friday, May 20, 2016

lunch days

Last week after London was being a little stinker and she actually got out of the car to go to school without giving me a kiss and saying she loved me, I thought it was time to spontaneously pick her up from school for lunch and to have a little one on one time. It was amazing to see the change in her attitude after having that little bit of quality time. So after that day, I recommitted to doing this once a month with each child.
So today Isaiah had a little cute reminder alarm set on my phone while I was at work and it popped up saying, "Order Papa John's, come pick me up from school. And yes I really want to go." I thought that was so cute cause he knows how my mind works and I usually question myself thinking he would rather stay at school with his friends. So after the reminder, I did exactly like. Ordered Papa John's, picked him up, we went home and enjoyed some conversation and some funny tv. It is so fun to see each kid in that light of being alone and seeing how cute their personalities are. I appreciate that they still enjoy being with their mom. Isaiah is such a bright child. He knows WAY more than I ever did at his age. I really don't ever have to worry about him with most things. He is a little too wise beyond his years. He has an adorable smile that is contagious, and has the best personality. We have the exact same sense of humor and it is easy to enjoy time with him.
I hope to keep this up. I know that if my mom would have done something like this growing up, I would look forward to it every month. As much as I don't want to be one of those mom's, I'm going to say it- my kids definitely are my best friends. Knowing they go with their dad this weekend, makes me hold on tighter and not want to let go.