Friday, February 2, 2007

Don't we all look forward to the weekend?

I am really excited to have a weekend here again, even though I really don't have plans. On the downside a big fear of mine happened and I woke up with a sore throat and Isaiah woke up early (meaning I think he may be sick as well). Not a great way to start out the weekend :) I just got finished telling myself a few nights ago that our family had gone a few months without getting sick.. then BAM it hit me upside the head. I should have knocked on wood. The last thing we want as parents is to see our children suffer with any type of cold or illness. I would MUCH rather be sick.. but it looks as though it will be at least Isaiah and I and hopefully we can not get the MAN of the house sick or else all hell will break loose! ha ha. Anyway I can just hope and pray to get through the weekend without getting too miserable where we can still enjoy each other and laugh a bit. I have had too many weekends without the laughing and it is definitely needed .... (and if I have enough energy to clean and organize) !!!