Monday, May 26, 2008

All the places..

Okay so I wasn't feeling too picture happy this long weekend.. but at least I'll post about what we did as a family. We had a family reunion for my mom's side up in Malad, Idaho. It's something we've gone to every year since I can remember. We drove home quickly to watch the UFC fight.. we had our family over and a few friends.. It was a fun fight to watch and well worth it. I never know why I like to watch them so much.. We missed our friends Jon and Lori though.. NEXT FIGHT for sure! The next morning we got up and all went up to Ruth's Diner for brunch. It was like a two hour wait! Having two kids and no where to sit for that long was not easy. Then we headed up to Park City with Debra and Sean (my sister and her family). We found a place to stay and then went around on the Trolley and went to Red Rock, followed by a little Cold Stone (my new favorite). London went swimming for her first time that night. Jake tried to teach Isaiah how to doggy paddle.. it was pretty cute. We didn't get a great nights rest with London outside of her house for the first night.. but we got up and went to breakfast and to the outlets.. we wanted to try to go on the Alpine Slide and new coaster but the weather was HORRIBLE. So we came home early and are relaxing. I am actually enjoying being home and I am exhausted! Hope everyone had a great holiday..


sissyann said...

LOVE the UFC fights. We get all of them and love having friends over to watch. Sounds like you had a great time.