Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jen Herem Photography

Okay so most of you that read this know about Jen's photography blog, some of you are even in the current couples contest! ha. So I was suckered into entering.. I have a few good friends in the same contest so it's kinda silly.. but who wouldn't want free photography? Love you other couples but it's worth a shot right?

If you aren't already voting for someone else, vote for couple #4!!!

Here is the website:

and then you can email: and just vote for #4.

PS. She is a really great photographer and invitation and announcement designer:)


zack~kristin~stockton~kailee! said...

yeah so i just barely got the blog this week but im loving it! just need to get some more updates for everyone but i'm working on it. i checked out jen's photo site! beautiful pics! ill vote for you too! i am thinking i want to get my kids pics done there now! i see you do and they are so adorable! is it expensive?

Whitney said...

You got my vote! Beautiful couple!!