Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Okay so who doesn't absolutely love the sun shining and warm weather? We have done nothing but made our plans just strictly to being outside. Isaiah talks about riding his bike every hour of every day... London just waits by the door until I take her out just like a puppy dog.. the minute I placed her in her walker.. she went crazy (as you can see in the video). Is it just me or does it seem like I am constantly laughing when watching my kids do stuff? I think everything they do is funny minus, crying or talking back.

I have been busy this week and think I will stay busy for quite a while. There is always something for me to be doing, whether it be for the boutique, housework, or projects.. and in between I will be taking the kids outside to play. This is a good week so far and I am looking forward to my Saturday night with my girlfriends..


The Skinners said...

I love being outside too. Even up here in the North... we have been getting out this week. Spring is the BEST!

Lori's Family said...

Go London! So cute.

mommyof2 said...

WAY CUTE! it has been nice to be outside, Preschool kids have loved it!! I love the look on their face when we tell them we can have toy time outside today, it is the best!!