Monday, March 17, 2008

Vote for Isaiah :)

Okay here is the link to vote for my precious boy... He is number #77.

We just think he is too adorable to not enter him in this contest.. Let me know if you have any questions..



Nick & Jen Herem said...

Done and Done... that is the cutest thing I've seen!

Emily said...

Could he be any more adorable? Seriously???

I hope you guys win - I just voted for ya too! :)

Melissa said...

I voted! and posted the link around on a few of my boards! He's so cute!

J-Lee said...

Jake and Mandy,
I know you posted a while ago on our blog, and I'm glad you did - it's fun to keep up on friends' lives and you guys seem to be doing so're son is a born entertainer like his parents! That was classic! Also, good luck with the little one on the way and congratulations! Hope all is well.

-Jeff & Lisanne Lee

Tammy said...

I voted!! :) Sooo stinkin' cute!