Monday, September 8, 2008

Sinner's Lane

So when Isaiah is in preschool, I like to go to a specific park nearby and walk laps ... Little did I know that I was in the middle of another version of "Pioneer Park"! It seems like everyone goes there to fulfill in their sin.. ha. I was fully entertained the whole 3 miles I walked.. I saw a little bit of everything.. my imagination ran wild while watching these secret lives come out in the open..
I was scared I was going to be in the scene of a few violent crimes or be an eyewitness in different cases. It seems as though the park has several different uses (besides for family and recreation events) and they are the following:

  • If you are on a diet and want to eat powdered donuts.. yes I saw a girl sitting alone eating these as quickly as she could.
  • If you are having an affair..meeting up with someone besides your spouse, male or female (or trying out the same gender)... yes I witnessed this as well.
  • If you decide you want to ditch school or work... no secret there. We've all done it.
  • If you are a business man and want to indulge in a fantasy with a magazine :) In giving this person the benefit of the doubt.. it was just "my" interpretation of what looked like it.. Maybe he was just reading the Ensign while sitting in his truck?
  • If you are dealing drugs or needing drugs.. this is the place to meet.

Yes this Monday morning was a circus at the park. I had no idea so many different things happened there early in the morning. I guess there is no such thing as a family friendly park anymore! It was quite comical..

So if you have something to hide.. go to the park on a Monday mornings. You will fit right in..:)


Whitney said...

Mandy what park is this!? I was laughing when I read your funny memories! I don't remember the snowcones???!!! But remember we always would play pagent and have judges! That was one of my favorite activities! What about our famous COOL CATS and Einstein's Bagel while waiting for our 'bus' to WVC..sometimes missing the bus so we could miss warm up!! Remember BOZO the clown!! I think of him often while riding public transportation..and who in their right mind would send two DARLING girls on a bus (with transfers) to West Valley City!!! (my mom and I still laugh about this).

Whitney said...

p.s. I totally remember fainting in your bedroom upstairs! Were we really that hard up for entertainment!!??

Whitney said...

p.s.s. we really need to have a night out with you, me, Steph, Whit, and Amy...I need a good laugh!!!