Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tagged by Jen

I am: a mother of two beautiful children and a wife.
I think: Oprah was fabulous today.
I know: that I have many weaknesses.
I want: to make my family proud.
I have: have so many things to be grateful for.
I dislike: tight clothes.
I miss: dancing... Annie... and having my best friend Alexis live here.
I fear: insomnia and sick kids (and husband if you know what I mean).
I feel: cold and totally beat.
I hear: Oprah:)
I smell: lavender vanilla scentsy candle..
I crave: Einsteins every single day.
I cry: when I get overwhelmed.
I usually: give my honest opinion when asked
I search: for a good buy and good music to download.
I wonder: why life has SO many trials..
I regret: snapping when I am upset.
I wish: for healthy and happy family
I love: watching my family interact and laughing.. a clean house... feeling good and energized.
I care: if someone I love is upset or having a hard time.
I always: eat breakfast... can't go without it.
I worry: about too many things.
I am not: someone that likes to talk on the phone... I am one BIG texter.
I remember: pregnancy all too well.. not want to go through it again!
I believe: that everyone makes mistakes. Forgiveness is a must.
I sing: in the car with my music turned up super loud (sorry kids).
I don’t: iron. Hate it!
I argue: with my mom and Jake easily..
I write: on my blog all the time.. it's my journal:)
I win: stuff on the radio all the time.. or used to.
I lose: weight, when I really really work at it.
I listen: to my ipod daily.
I don’t understand: MEN
I can usually be found: INTERNET
I need: money, love, and acceptance.
I forget: where I put my cell phone... EVERY DAY.
I am happy: looking at my kids.
I tag: Alexis, Lori, Lindsay


Lori's Family said...

I love your answers. Did you tag me or another Lori? You have so many friends, I just want to make sure. How does it work? Do I just answer your questions? I am such a looser I never know what is going on:)