Tuesday, October 26, 2010

karate master

I might have a 5 year old son, but make no mistake of his size.. he will bring you down, literally!! Love him:)
We couldn't ask for a better place for Isaiah to learn karate (Bobby Lawrence Karate in Centerville). We are so impressed with the group of teachers. They know how to teach little youngens and do it well. They entertain all of us and we keep coming back for more! Isaiah is improving in so many different things, including learning to focus and having respect..and of course BREAKING BOARDS. :)


Jenny said...

way to go isaiah! he is one strong kid! and so cute!

Suzie Bishop said...

Allen will love to see this. He took karate there when he was little and talks about it all the time. He cant wait to send Karlee there. I keep telling him she is a princess but he doesn't care.