Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Latest Mandy project (updated)..

So I have had this empty basement room and left a few toys down there and a old tv.. but it was a place Isaiah never really wanted to be. I felt like we were wasting so much space. So I woke up one day and I had an idea...I was going to change that boring cold room into a fun kids playroom- where kids actually want to hang out (away from us adults). I put in a costume corner.. where they can try on all different costumes and dress up as super hero's and then a crazy mirror next to it so they can see themselves, then a place to do activities, draw, paint, work on the tool shop, put together a train, and a race car track. Best part is that they can watch movies while attempting it all.. :) Hopefully it will keep him down there long periods of time!




Kari Badell said...

That is so cute and such a good idea. Good job!

Andrea said...

What a fun room! You did an awesome job.

Britney said...

Cute idea's!

It's all about making kids WANT to play in the room...where there are no adults!

Angela Cloyd said...

What a fun room, I bet Isaiah LOVES it! You did a great job!

Wilcock Family said...

Oh how cute!!! You are so creative, great work!!