Saturday, August 30, 2008


Soo I know this is totally random but I'm SO annoyed. For any of you that watched The Real Housewives of Orange County.. are you not annoyed by Jo De La Rosa, aka Jo (and her sidekick Slade)? They are the definition of desperate. They are doing anything and EVERYTHING they can to gain fame. They are in the reality show Real Housewives, then she starts a music career (which I may say is comical), and now they are doing another reality dating show. I can't help but laugh the whole entire time it is on. Don't ask me why I even watch it.. probably because tv sucks right now and I need to put a smile on my face. They were way annoying as a couple, and even more annoying as individuals. They deserve each other! :) But on a positive note, she is really pretty... Am I such a brat?


Jen Herem said...

See.. i dont think she is so cute. Maybe it's because she's so annoying.