Thursday, October 16, 2008

Busy busy busy..

K so I realize it has been a while since I posted.. well for me anyways. I usually post like once every day:) ha. So I actually have had a life this week and have been busy.. My kids keep me terribly busy.. along with trying to lose weight, and also deciding to sell these bows that I make .. have kept me going, going, going. I am so scatter brained and feel so unorganized!! Anyway.. I will get back to posting shortly, as if any of you care:)
Anyway if I haven't told any of you... the website for the bows is: .
Yes I know I said I wasn't crafty and I still stick by that, HOWEVER.. isn't it so IMPORTANT that our little girls look cute? I had to find the best of both worlds and save money and also make sure London is always looking like the little princess she is. So you do what you gotta do! As Jake would say... I'm becoming quite the little hustler. So if you guys know anyone that would be interested.. send em my way. My sister is having a huge boutique on the 23rd if anyone is interested in coming.. I'll sell some bows there along with tons of other fun stuff that all women would like. I'll post the flyer!


Jordan and Ryan Jensen said...

Your stuff is so darn cute! I only wish I had a little girl- maybe next time right?

Kristy said...

Mandy! I finally have a blog! Now we won't just have to text each other! haha How are you! I love your videos of London! She is a doll! She needs to be on a magazine.... So Cute! Anyway, keep in touch and your bows are cute!

mommyof2 said...

i would love to come but kelle isn't doing very well. she is really nacious. we will see how that goes, right. they look darling and i will see ya soon.