Saturday, October 18, 2008

Halloween Birthday!

Today was a birthday party for my friend Amber's little girl, Olivia. It was a dress up Halloween birthday party. Isaiah was so excited. We were driving up to the party and I was watching him the rearview mirror, flexing with his Batman costume on. He said, "Mom, everyone there is going to think I am the real Batman." He was so sweet to me all day. Out of the blue he said, "Your voice is beautiful mom." Then later he said, "I lub boo berry much." He "can" be my little sweetheart:) Amber always has fun parties for the kids.. We always look forward to attending.


The Skinners said...

How fun and innocent they are at this age!

Ashers said...

Ah ha ha ha!!! This explains alot... In primary, we were practicing for the primary program and his class had to say "my name is ____ and I'm ____" So somebody told him to say "My name is Isaiah and I'm a good friend" He says "No no no.... My name is Isaiah... and I'm BATMAN!" It was so cute! Everyone was cracking up!

Ashers said...

That is hilarious! He is so cute! And sweet too! He is really nice to this boy who all the other kids are scared of because he's a tyrant... he tries to hold his hand and talk to him. SO CUTE!