Sunday, November 23, 2008

A few updates...

Nothing too out of the norm for this week.. it seems as I look back to my previous week, that I didn't get anything done. All I remember is taking care of kids every second of every day. I can't keep on top of the housework.. I can't do extra fun activities for anyone or for the kids.. I just do the minimal and I am depleted by the end of the week. I don't know how stay at home mom's do it.. or for that matter, working mom's. I BARELY get the laundry done and put away in 5 days! I consider it a very good day if I get some type of meal prepared in the evenings..
Jake is always SO busy with working and doing extra work to stay on top of his game.. then he has school and now he is trying to get back in shape so he has been working out like crazy. It is really sad because the only time he has with us is an hour or so in the mornings.. then he is off for another LONG day.. and I don't see him until I am in bed that night. I know he is completely depleted by the end of the week as well.
The past two weeks, Jake has really gone out of his way to help me. Without me asking, he took Isaiah to go get a haircut and cleaned the cars and then has been grocery shopping for our family for that week. I know what a task grocery shopping is, so I am SO grateful for him doing that. He walks in with just TONS of bags of groceries and I know we are set for the week. What I love about it too is that he is a picky eater, so if he is the one doing the shopping, he knows what is there and he will eat what he obviously bought. It makes my life SO much easier! It made my day yesterday:) And he is starting to cook more... and not just cook, but cook healthier for all of us. We have really started to change what we all eat..
Isaiah is still super active and is STILL Batman even though Halloween is over. He is constantly jumping off couches and beds- like he is flying... waking everyone up. He loves his sister more than anything in this world. He has to know where she is at every minute and he cries when I put her down for a nap.. EVERY TIME.
London is getting so big.. she is super long. She says Dada.. and will not say mama. When I tell her to say mama, she just laughs. Her very favorite thing is the bath. If she is in a bad mood, all I have to do is start the bath water up and she starts kicking and laughing... I wish I could leave her in there all day! Her sleeping has been really bad lately, so I talked to a few other mom's and decided it was time to let her "cry it out" -- she was so used to me going right in and comforting her and feeding her back to sleep, where it became a bad habit... more like a bad habit every 3 hours! So I was a intimidated of the crying it out thing with her, cause what mom likes to hear their baby crying for you and you can't do anything to stop it? Plus I didn't want Isaiah and Jake to be effected... so I put her in our "finished" basement (I say that so you don't think I put her in a cold dungeon) and put her nightlight down there with her sound machine and made it really cozy for her... and the first night I was expecting to hear her scream all night. To my surprise, she slept through the night... the next day instead of taking 1 hours naps, she was taking 3 hours naps! So the past few nights she has slept right through the night. She must like that "dungeon"-- so I will be keeping her there for a little bit:) I sleep on the couch on the next level up.. so my nights aren't super comfortable, but at least I get more sleep right?
Jake decided to be his sweet self and buy Twilight tickets for us last week to go on Friday. So we were able to have a date night and go to that movie. I know that wasn't his movie of choice, but he went with a smile on his face...:) We went all the way out to the District.. k that is all the way out in the middle of nowhere.. but dang, that place is nice. It has just about everything you could ever want or need there. Jake is trying to convince me to move out there... anyway.. it turned out to be a good weekend.. besides the fact that my dad was cussing all night at BYU and kept taking his anger out on me:)
Sorry I am a little winded this morning... but now my journal time is done and I've got to get back to my Batman and "Sleeping Beauty"-


The knights are in said...

I hate that time in a child's life when you have to let them cry themselves to sleep . . . when it was Bryden's time, Ryan had two crying babies to listen to, me and my baby. But it's for the best and you start sleeping through the night only sooner. Keep up the good work, I know your a great mom .

The Skinners said...

Well your life sounds completely normal and similar to ours! My kids both sleep in completely dark rooms with sound machines too. Im so glad London is sleeping better, that will help you out a lot. That is so sweet that Isaiah crys when she goes down for a nap. It sounds like she is very loved by her brother. What a cute family!

Britney said...

Where is The District?

Letting your kids cry it out is so hard, but so good in the end. I've always let my kids cry it out and they are the best sleepers now. They both have black out in their windows and fans for the noise! Works like a charm.

Britney said...

Oh...I forgot to ask what you thought of Twilight?