Saturday, November 8, 2008

Rock Band with the Martin's:)


The Royalls said...

Isaiah looks like he's a natural!! I love the pic of him playing the guitar! So cute!

Your post about Annie was so awesome! I cried the whole way through reading it! Do you remember carpooling with her for Stars, and we would go and honk for her and she would come out all confused and say, "Oh I didn't know we had dance today!" Even though we had it EVERY Tuesday and Thursday? Ha Ha! She was hilarious!

BTW: You are such a good mom, your kids are so blessed to have you!!

We need to get together sometime and reminice(sp?)! Call me 927-8659

Love Ya!

Mandy said...

Yess Krista we do need to reminisce..We have so many memories together in our childhood! We are lucky that we live so close that we can actually get together.. we really should. I totally remember that about Annie.. happened EVERY SINGLE TIME! I miss her so much... I had such a huge piece of my heart was for her-- and since she isn't around, it truly feels like it's just empty. I love my family and that helps but I still miss HER..

Britney said...

I've heard of this rock band thing! Looks so fun!

Your kids are very sweet.

**MoOsEr** said...

Isaiah's face in the first picture.....PRICELESS!!!