Sunday, February 8, 2009

25 Fact About Me..

  1. I snuck out of the house when I was in Jr. High- just to meet a few friends to sit on my own porch - and we ate leftover steak.
  2. I was the baby in my family and my closest sibling in age is 16 years older than me. I definitely manipulated everyone in my family from my parents to my sisters to get my way:)
  3. I became a germ-a-phobic the minute I delivered my son.
  4. I love to pick and tweeze.. If I start I won't stop. Jake has to literally pull me away.
  5. I was one of those kids that cried if they didn't do well when bowling.. just bowling.
  6. Fascinated with technology.
  7. Collect greeting cards. I could look around in a Hallmark Store forever.
  8. My kids have made me bipolar.
  9. Jake and I have some of our most important conversations in the shower.
  10. I have absolutely no concept of my life timeline. Have no clue how old I was when certain things occurred in my life. I can remember details of many memories - but have no idea if I was 3 or 19.
  11. HATE goodbyes.
  12. LOVE Einsteins.
  13. In order to relax at night before a movie or tv time, I have to do my nightly routine of washing my face, brushing my teeth, putting lotion on, and chapstick! Drives Jake nuts.
  14. I've cried about 2 dozen times in the past 7 days.
  15. I LOVE Mac makeup.
  16. I have read the whole collection of Jack Weyland books.
  17. Most of you know this already, but I have a very addictive personality.
  18. The older I get the more I dread winters and look forward to summers.
  19. Nothing makes me more happy and more proud than my children.. I think everything they do is amazing.
  20. I have to have "my" time- and that consists of working out.
  21. I am not a huge shopper. I like to go shopping if I know exactly what I want and have an idea where to get it.
  22. I like to do things alone.. most of the time.
  23. If I listen to music loudly, I can clean my house and cook dinner with no complaints.
  24. I look just like my dad:)
  25. I want to secretly eat London.. If you are a parent, you might know what I mean by this. I can't help but grit my teeth super hard when I look at her.


Cheryl said...

those were great! loved to learn more about you too :)

Britney said...

So...wasn't that you and me, and Jeff Lee and Justin Bennett, who snuck out of your house and sat on the front porch? If not, then you did that more than once. I and I would say we were like 14 or 15. 9th grade for sure :)

I feel bipolar with my kids to. One minute I'm on a high, the next...I feel like a crappy mom.

And I love to be alone and do stuff alone to. I have to make my self call another friend to go places with us...for the benefit of Max, he loves having friends come along.

All very fun facts.

zack~kristin~stockton~kailee! said...

okay i love when people do facts about themselves. Its always so interesting! also, im pretty sure we have even more in common than i thought! I was silently agreeing when i read half that list... the nightly routine, the bipolar-ness, etc etc etc

Jen Herem said...

some of those are so funny and true. i really think i could have written this list for you and it would have been the same. except the part about you and jake in the shower ha-ha

Mandy said...

Yes Brit.. now that you say that, it totally was us. I remember Jeff and Justin coming over. That is classic. So rebellious!

Alyssa said...

Ha ha! I thought I was the only one that secretly wanted to eat my baby!! Don't you think sometimes you are going to sqeeze them too hard?? I love being a mom!

Kristy said...

You make me laugh! Love reading your blog!

Kari Badell said...

I have a whole lot in common with you. Who knew? Your kids are so dang cute! I can see why you'd want to "eat" London. I TOTALLY understand.

mjs ashworth said...

Very interesting, loved it!

Kamie said...

Yes yes yes to being a germ-a-phob once you have kids. I swear it is normal. At least that is what I tell myself as I force people to wash or sanitize their hands before they come near my kid. :)

Sneaking out of the house to eat leftover steak...too funny!

Heather said...

my kids have made me bipolar as well...ha ha! I became such a germ a phobic freak when I had Daniel, I seriously wash our hands 100x a day, and shopping carts, don't even get me started there! Gross! Isn't it funny what happens to us once we have kids.

Angela Cloyd said...

I love how real you are! It is refreshing. The video of London is cute, she always looks like a little doll.